Safe access to medical abortion

All women should have access to safe abortion in their communities and should be able to benefit equally from new and improved technologies. Medical abortion, a proven but underutilized method, is truly transformative. Medical abortion has the potential to enable women, even in remote communities with little access to health services, to end unwanted pregnancies safely, confidentially and affordably.

Making this a reality requires more than working with doctors and policymakers. It requires collaborating with women, as well as with the community members that women turn to and trust.

When a woman’s best option is to take medication to end her pregnancy without assistance from a health-care provider, she needs accurate, appropriate information on how to do so safely, no matter how, where or from whom she obtains the pills. Ipas is using innovative approaches to inform women and men about access to and safe use of medical abortion.

Our community work also focuses on the needs of young people, who face particular challenges in accessing reproductive health care and information. When faced with unwanted pregnancies, young women are often at a greater risk of resorting to dangerous abortion methods. For them, medical abortion can be especially promising. Our strategies include:

  • Developing materials, such as brochures and posters, to inform women about medical abortion;
  • Conducting community interventions, such as street dramas, harm reduction models and facilitated conversations with women;
  • Working with women’s groups to raise awareness of medical abortion.