Medical abortion

Journal articles and books

Swica Y, Chong E, Middleton T, Prine L, Gold M, Schreiber CA, Winikoff B., Acceptability of home use of mifepristone for medical abortion, Contraception, July 2013 2013 88(1):122-7. This article reports on a study evaluating a medical abortion regimen that entails taking both mifepristone and misoprostol at the woman's home. The results demonstrate a high acceptability of this option for both women and providers.

Winikoff B, Dzuba IG, Chong E, Goldberg AB, Lichtenberg ES, Ball C, Dean G, Sacks D, Crowden WA, Swica Y, Extending outpatient medical abortion services through 70 days of gestational age. Obstetrics and Gynecology (Nov 2012). Vol. 120 (5):1070-76. This article reports on a study evaluating a medical abortion regimen in an outpatient setting through 70 days gestational age. The results demonstrate the efficacy, acceptability and feasibility of the evaluated regimen in the context of outpatient services.

Reed Boland, Second trimester abortion law globally: actuality, trends and recommendations. Harvard School of Public Health.

Moreau, Caroline, James Trussell, Julie Desfreres, Nathalie Bajos. 2011. Medical vs. surgical abortion: The importance of women's choice. Contraception, 84 (3): 224-9. In this sample of French women who participated in a national survey on abortion, those who were involved in the decision-making process as to whether to have a medical or surgical procedure showed a strong preference for the medical procedure.