Bringing reproductive health care to Rohingya refugees


Since August 2017, around 700,000 Rohingya have been forced to flee their homes in Myanmar due to a brutal campaign of persecution by government military forces. After enduring so many hardships during their journey to Bangladesh’s refugee camps, many Rohingya women face an additional injustice: an unwanted pregnancy—often the result of rape—and no access to reproductive health care.

Ipas has responded quickly to this crisis. We’re working to ensure refugee women can access both safe abortion (called “menstrual regulation” in Bangladesh) and contraceptive care, so they can regain some control over their bodies and lives.

We have already established reproductive health services in 10 facilities serving refugees in Bangladesh. By providing compassionate, high-quality care, Ipas-trained health professionals are working to ensure that women and girls can prevent or safely end an unwanted pregnancy.

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