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Supporting the next generation of leaders in sexual and reproductive health

“It is our responsibility to mentor and support the next generation of leaders so that they can complete the unfinished agenda. Together, we will create a future where no woman has to suffer or die because she lacks safe reproductive choices.”
- Liz Maguire, former Ipas president and CEO

In honor of Ipas’s former President and CEO Liz Maguire and her four decades of devoted service to women’s health and reproductive rights worldwide, the Maguire Fellowship for Young Leaders began in 2016 to provide an international exchange for young professionals in our field.

About the program

Chosen fellows have the opportunity to work with their counterparts in another region of the world in a direct country-to-country exchange. Currently only Ipas staff are eligible. Learn all about the 2016 fellowship recipients, who hailed from Mexico, India, Sierra Leone and the United States.

With the goal of strengthening critical young voices and empowering young advocates, the exchange provides experiential learning, allows for observation of and participation in best practices, and introduces new perspectives on the challenges facing young women, their families and their communities. Each fellow tailors her or his own project and sets professional development goals. Upon returning, they impart their new skills, wider world views of the issues, and new vigor for this important work to their colleagues through a number of structured channels.


Your support

Liz’s long list of achievements in the name of women’s health worldwide is vast and impressive, but we must “complete the unfinished agenda.” As exemplified by Liz in her own career, Ipas is investing in and committing to a future where no woman has to suffer or die. We are recruiting and preparing today’s bright young emerging leaders, and exposing them to other countries and programs where they can feel the impact of their hard work.

The Maguire Fellowship is the perfect way to make a strong investment in the future health and safety of women. Please join us by making a gift today.

Liz Maguire with Ipas employees

Liz Maguire (above in pink) says her life’s work became clear at a young age: “In 1972, I traveled to Africa for the first time and witnessed a young woman hemorrhaging to death unattended on the grounds of the main hospital in Dakar. The cause was sepsis from a botched abortion. Her tragic and lonely death has inspired me to help save and enhance the lives of other women.”

Learn more about Liz's work on safe abortion care »

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