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Abortion by trained providers is a safe and common procedure, legal under at least one condition in nearly every country in the world. Yet women and girls living in humanitarian settings often cannot get this essential reproductive health service—even when it’s available to other women in a country hosting refugees.

Why isn’t abortion care more readily available?

Even when humanitarian professionals have proper knowledge of the legal framework and the clinical skills, negative attitudes and fears related to providing abortion continue to act as underlying barriers restricting women’s access in crisis settings.

That’s why Ipas is producing a new online toolkit specifically for fragile and conflict-affected settings, designed to give humanitarian audiences the chance to explore their values, attitudes and knowledge related to abortion—with the goal of helping close the service-delivery gap in abortion care in humanitarian settings.

Values clarification and attitude transformation (VCAT) exercises are proven to help health and development professionals both understand the critical importance of safe abortion care and become more comfortable and confident advocates and providers of this highly stigmatized but essential health service.

“In addition to skills training, participation in values-clarification exercises can help providers differentiate their own personal beliefs and attitudes from the needs of women seeking abortion services.” - World Health Organization
“What the last few years have shown us is that in addition to a policy shift, there is the need to actively reach out to staff and to create an environment in which personal feelings, convictions and fears regarding the subject of abortion can be expressed and dialogue is established.” – from “Why Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides safe abortion care and what that involves”

Preview an activity

Our toolkit includes resources to help facilitators tailor a workshop to the specific needs and interests of their organizations, plus a variety of activities to help participants explore and better understand the issues surrounding abortion care provision. Download the sample activity “Why did she die?” here.

Why did she die?

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