Monitoring safe abortion care service provision in Tigray, Ethiopia

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

This baseline assessment of abortion services in Tigray, Ethiopia was conducted in 50 public sector facilities in May 2007. Using key Safe Abortion Care (SAC) indicators designed to measure the availability, utilization and quality of abortion-care services, this assessment shows that there is limited availability of both basic and comprehensive SAC services in the Tigray region, but considerable potential to increase the number of SAC sites. The assessment also showed significant demand for improved services, particularly as reflected by the number of abortion complications, and limited use of both recommended uterine-evacuation methods and postabortion contraceptive services. These results have a number of implications not only for subsequent phases of the SAC Pilot Project in Tigray, but for those policymakers and managers concerned with ensuring the availability and quality of necessary women's health services throughout Tigray specifically and Ethiopia more broadly.