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Learn Why It Matters

Learn Why It Matters

Comprehensive Abortion Care matters…

… because women’s lives matter.

Each year, roughly 21 million women resort to unsafe abortions—and approximately 47,000 women die due to unsafe abortions, almost all in developing countries. These women are mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters whose loss deprives entire communities of their important contributions as caregivers, breadwinners, and professionals. A woman’s death due to unsafe abortion causes a negative ripple effect throughout her community—and it is entirely preventable.

… because reproductive rights are human rights.

Approximately 95 percent of unsafe abortions take place in developing countries where family-planning information and services are limited, and where women often face economic, social, cultural and geographic barriers to reproductive health care. Ipas believes every woman has the right to control her own sexuality, fertility, health and well-being, and we work with advocates and policymakers around the world to support that right. When women are deprived of this opportunity, their families and communities also suffer needlessly.

… because it’s a critical public health issue.

An estimated 21.6 million of the world’s poorest women endure unsafe abortions each year. While 47,000 of these women die, millions more are permanently injured from the procedures, which can result in long-term disability and compromised fertility. Without access to quality medical care, women, and the communities and families who depend on them, remain the most at risk.

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