Safe Abortion Guidance

WHO Safe Abortion

The WHO release of Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems, Second edition is exciting for the reproductive health field and maternal and child health more generally. WHO’s Guidance strongly supports Ipas and other partners’ work to promote access to safe abortion.The Guidance supports women’s reproductive rights by using an integrated human rights and public health approach to address the 22 million abortions that continue to be performed unsafely each year .This is an evidence-based document which can be used to inform the revision of national standards, guidelines, and clinical protocols, as well as to reform legally restrictive abortion laws.  

The dissemination packet aims to help providers, trainers, researchers, government officials, advocates and others to understand, explain and implement the Guidance. This packet includes resources to assist with implementing the guidance separated into three categories: Service Delivery, Training and Policy.

For a quick overview, download the WHO safe abortion guidance factsheet.

WHO Guidance Toolkit

Service Delivery

Performance and quality improvement resources that emphasize initiatives and strategies to improve access to care.


Resources to aid trainers for reproductive health. Providing innovative training strategies and tools grounded in adult learning principles.


Resources for improving laws and policies to enable access to abortion and promote women’s human rights.