Human Rights

Ipas works with policymakers, governments and human rights advocates around the world to implement laws and policies that support the right of each woman to control her own sexuality, fertility, health and well-being. As long as women continue to die or suffer injuries from unsafe abortions, Ipas will advocate for local, national and international laws, policies and treaties that support each woman’s ability to make safe reproductive health choices.

Health, privacy and freedom from discrimination have been internationally recognized for decades as basic human rights. Embodied in them is the right to sexual and reproductive health, including the right of access to safe, legal abortion care.

Ipas believes women’s lack of access to safe, legal abortion care is both a public health problem and a human rights issue. A woman’s ability to make her own health-care choices and access reproductive health care is inextricably tied to her ability to determine her own future, care for her family and participate in her community.

We are dedicated to educating and mobilizing policymakers, health-care providers, nongovernmental organizations and community partners around the world about the importance of preventing unsafe abortion as a matter of public health and human rights.