Ipas supports the right of each woman to control her own sexuality, fertility, health and well-being. To enable women to make these personal decisions, Ipas works with advocates and policymakers around the world to implement laws and policies that support that right.

Ipas’s efforts to advance women’s reproductive health and increase access to safe abortion care include:

  • Advocating for local, national and international policies that support each woman’s ability to make safe reproductive choices;
  • Supporting efforts of local partners to improve or implement laws governing women’s access to safe abortion care;
  • Addressing women's rights issues and the rights of marginalized populations, such as women and girls in conflict settings and those who experience sexual violence;
  • Developing and disseminating information on sexual and reproductive rights to mobilize policymakers, health-care providers, advocates, NGOs and communities;
  • Educating health-care providers about the importance of providing safe abortion services as a matter of public health and human rights.