Conscientious objection

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Special edition of the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics on Conscientious Objection

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This article analyzes the European Court of Human Rights' decision on admissibility in Pichon and Sajous v. France (2001) and argues that a balancing approach should be applied in cases of conscientious objection in the sexual and reproductive health care context.

Lema, VM,Conscientious objection and reproductive health service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. African Journal of Reproductive Health. 2012 Mar;16(1):15-21.  In addressing factors contributing to delay in attaining MDG5 in sub-Saharan Africa, this article consider the role of conscientious objection in influencing access to quality reproductive health care services and strategies to address it.

Van Bogaert LJ,  The limits of conscientious objection to abortion in the developing world. Dev World Bioeth. 2002 Dec;2(2):131-43. In the developed world, where referral to another service provider is for the most part accessible, a conscientious objector to abortion does not really put the abortion seeker's life at risk. The same cannot be said in developing countries even when abortion is decriminalized. This is because referral procedures are fraught with major obstacles. Therefore, it is argued that the right to conscientious objection to abortion should be limited by the circumstances in which the request for abortion arises.

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